What is Fargo?

Fargo, ND, is the location of the USA Wrestling National Championship in Greco Roman and Freestyle.  To wrestle at this tournament you must qualify by placing in the top 3 at a state freestyle or Greco tournament for your age group.  Team California also accepts appeals that often our kids get granted.  Most of the state placers we have had in the last decade have wrestled at Fargo.


What is the off-season expectation for my son?

Wrestle as much as possible, come to all practices, and lift hard.  We encourage all of our upper weight athletes to play football.  

What is the financial commitment that my family will have to make? What costs should we plan for?

Wrestling can be an expensive sport, but we try hard to keep costs down during the season.  All of our wrestlers are asked to purchase a spirit pack of workout and competition gear (which includes their black singlet they will need) that they will use during the season – cost of these range from $100 to $200.  Additionally, families need to supply the wrestling shoes, headgear and knee pads.  When your son cracks the varsity lineup, and travels to overnight tournaments, the team will cover the cost of the hotel stay during the season.  The one major cost during the season we ask parents to incur is to pay for the varsity wrestler’s plane ticket to The Clash in Minnesota.  This tournament is only for the wrestlers in the front line, and a few reserves.   Tickets can range in cost from $380 to $450 depending on the airline and year.

What is the best method for cutting weight?

The common mistake many young wrestlers make is that they eliminate their fluids too early.  Cutting weight is a process that should be started early in the season by altering the diet to cut out all junk foods – this means no sugar, no starch, and definitely no fast food.  The week of competition wrestlers should be eating lean meat (chicken or fish) and lots of green vegetables.  Try to avoid heavy carbs.  Only cut the water out the day before competition.  

What is the practice commitment?

The practice commitment in the off-season is still rigorous.  The team will practiced Monday-Thursday in the spring and summer, for 2 hours a practice.  We do quite a bit of weight lifting during this time as well.  If your son plays another SCHOOL sport, we try not conflict with them – however, our program’s success is built on its year round commitment to developing our wrestlers.  The goal of our off-season program is to continue to develop our skills, wrestle as many matches as possible, and qualify for the USA Wrestling National Championship tournaments.

What are the fundraisers my son will be expected to participate in?

During the fall the team pre-sells Christmas Trees that are later distributed in December.  The team runs several tournaments during the season which generate revenue for the team.  In the spring the team will run a car wash that wrestlers will work.  Not participating fully in these fundraisers can jeopardize your good standing with the team (and it makes Coach Wight angry).

Does the team have a GPA requirement?

The school policy of a mandatory 2.0 is adhered to.  Coach Wight monitors all grades, and does not like when people have below a 2.0.  The wrestling team is proud of its academic record.Type your paragraph here.

What is the financial commitment that my family will have to make? What costs should we plan for?

This is the time of year where wrestling can get expensive.  Because these are not school sponsored trips, parents need to help pay for hotel expenses, tournament entry fees, the wrestler’s USA Wrestling card, etc.  Additionally, if your son does qualify to wrestle at Fargo or for one of the national duals, the cost of those can be considerable.   

The Vacaville Wresting Club, INC is a non-profit charitable organization.  By donating money to the club, you are able to write that donation off on your taxes.  The club then takes your donation and pays for your son’s cost to camp, nationals, etc.

When is the best time to plan vacation?

Coach Wight’s wedding anniversary is August 6th – and there is a good reason for this.  The first few weeks of August before school gets out is a time where no athletic practices take place for any sports.  Other good times are the Fall Break in October, and the spring break in March/April, so long as it does not interfere with any of the spring tournaments. 

Will my son have to cut weight?

Ultimately, cutting weight is a decision that the coach and athlete should make together.  Cutting weight may not matter on the local level, but at the elite level of wrestling at which we compete most wrestlers cut weight.  Sometimes you will run into an elite wrestler who does not cut weight – but generally that wrestler’s skill level is above the competition field, so it does not matter.  For most of our kids, cutting weight is important so that we can compete at a weight with similar size kids.  

What tournaments and/or teams in the off-season are important/ is my son expected to compete at?  What are the costs of these?

Association Duals, $150 ~ Our wrestling club is affiliated with the Sacramento Area Wrestling Association, a chapter of California USA Wrestling.  The association will put together an All Star team which they will compete with against other state associations.  To make this team you must attend a try out/practice.  

Cadet or Junior National Duals, $800 ~ This may be the best bang for your buck.  In the early spring you must send in an application to California USA Wrestling WITH A DEPOSIT, to apply to be on this team.  Team California will compete against other states in dual meet tournament format – therefore you get guaranteed matches.  

Western Junior Regional – Las Vegas, $300 ~ This is an elite national level caliber tournament where all the college coaches in the nation attend with wrestlers of their own.  It is a Fargo qualifier, and a chance to be seen by recruits.  All of our elite, serious wrestlers should attend this tournament.  Cost will include airline flight to Las Vegas, hotel, food and entry fee.

USA Wrestling National Championships, $1500-1800 ~ You must qualify to wrestle at Fargo by placing at one of the state tournaments in either Freestyle or Greco for your age group.  There is also an appeal process if you do not place top 3.  When you are selected for Team California, you will attend a training camp prior to leaving then wrestle at Fargo.  California USA Wrestling makes all travel arrangements, and provides coaching.  This is a prestigious tournament with the opportunity to be seen by college coaches.

Does the team have a drug/drinking policy?

The school athletic contract all athletes sign specifically details the drug and alcohol policy.  If caught on campus or at a school event with drugs or alcohol, your season is over.  The coaches counsel kids on an individual basis in private regarding choices they make.  We believe these things can be detrimental to the athletic performance of the wrestler.  We also believe it is the parents’ right and duty to provide expectations for this in their family.  

What is the competition schedule?

Clear your calendars.  The wrestling league dual season is contested in January on Wednesday nights.  Because this is such a small amount of matches, the team travels every weekend to larger tournaments.  Many of these tournaments are two days, Friday and Saturday.  The tournament schedule begins in December and will run through February.  Varsity wrestlers will compete in the post season through the end of February.

What about family vacations during the season/ on holidays, etc?

We know that wrestling season coincides with the holidays, and this can often cause conflict with family vacations.  We do ask however that families try to limit the vacations taken during the season.  Missing practice time can be detrimental to the development of the wrestler.  We do not practice on major holidays.  

Should I send my son to a camp?  What is the benefit of camp?

If your son does not wrestle at one of the national tournaments, we recommend he attend camp.  The cost of this can be up to $500, and a Vacaville coach will normally attend with the group.  In recent years we have attended Ken Chertow’s camp in Fresno, and as many as 24 wrestlers have attended.

What is the practice commitment for wrestling?

The practice expectation in the wrestling program is rigorous.  During the season practices will run from 3:10 to finish – normally this means between 6:00 and 6:30 PM, but could go longer depending on the coach’s discretion.  We also practice on Saturdays, and hold double-days over holiday breaks.  Wrestlers are expected to be at every practice.  Missing practice is something that should be communicated with the coach prior to the absence.

What can I do to support my son during the season?

Come to tournaments, help, provide healthy foods at home, and cheer LOUD!  Wrestling is a sport that brings both heartache and joy, so your son will need lots of support to be successful.

How can I get involved to help support the program?

Sign up to work the snack bars at our home tournaments, help drive wrestlers to away meets, join other parents in planning breakfast for the wrestlers at tournaments, etc.  Most parents of our older kids are happy to include you in “the family.”